April 2nd
How fast is the year going, April already and have claimed my first payment for the month, $5.00 from Ciao surveys. So far this month I have also seen a few surveys from Global test market, one from Valued opinions and one from Survey head

That’s right you read it right. GettingPaidOnline is going to give away up to $5,000.00 and it couldn’t be any easier to get a part of it.

Now nothing comes free, you do need to do a little work for it but it is easy, so here is the deal.

I am looking for more people to signup to Cash crate. Cash crate is a paid to signup site, that pays you various amounts to signup to trials and offers, it also pays you for surveys and gives cash back for online shopping.

Most offers and surveys are aimed at USA, Canada and United Kingdom, people from other countries can join but will not make much from the signup section or the surveys but the site does have in my opinion the best 2 tier referral system on the internet, where you can earn up to 30% / 20% of your referrals earnings.

My offer.
If you are from the USA, signup and complete one offer and I’ll pay you $3.00, stay with the site and earn yourself $10.00 and I’ll pay a further $2.00, promote the site and get 10 active USA referrals and I’ll pay you $10.00. That is a total of $15.00 you can earn just for signing up and doing a little work

For all other countries, this is my offer. Signup and earn $10.00 and I’ll pay you $2.00, promote the site and get 10 active USA referrals and I’ll pay you $10.00, so for everyone else you have the chance to earn $12.00

For the first person to join up, no matter what country you are from and recruit 100 active USA referrals I will pay a further $100.00

All payments will be made via paypal.
Screenshots to be supplied upon request before payment.

Use this link to join: – Cash crate

Once you have joined post here your id# so that I can verify you are in my downline. Then when ever you are ready to claim a payment simply post a reply here and I’ll send you a message asking for your payment details.

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing segment of commerce where skilled individuals connect advertisers and customers. However, this industry is littered with a veritable alphabet soup of important terms and conditions that can confuse all but the most determined.
Many of these acronyms identify the various compensation models of affiliate marketing, and are key in the planning and execution of advertising campaigns.

PPS – Pay Per Sale (revenue share)
The PPS (pay per sale) compensation model is where the advertiser pays a specific percentage of all sales generated by the affiliate. For this reason, this model is also referred to as a revenue share or revshare model. This model is unique in that it can be used to promote items such as computers and other electronics where other models, such as PPA, fall short.

PPA/PPL – Pay Per Action or Pay Per Lead
PPA or pay per action is the compensation model by which publishers are paid a commission based on the completion of a certain action. For example, affiliate A refers a customer to a landing page where the customer proceeds to create an account with the advertised service. The affiliate is then paid for that generated lead. This model can be applied to filling out forms, signing up for a trial, etc. This model is very popular with financial services (mortgages, car loans, credit cards) and subscription services, to name a few.

PPI – Pay Per Install
The PPI or pay per install compensation model is similar to PPA/PPL models except the affiliate is paid when a customer installs a specific piece of software. This model is particularly popular in the distribution of adware. For example, a free software program is bundled with adware, and then the bundle is distributed by BitTorrent, software repositories, and the like.
Still following me? These three models are by far the most popular methods of compensation in affiliate marketing. However, connecting definitions to abbreviations is only half of the battle; to truly get a grasp of affiliate marketing, the only step one need to take is launching that first campaign. Furthermore, by launching your first campaign, you’ll get a better idea of advertising practices in relation to different offers and products.

March 3rd
A new month has started and I am back in the swing of things after the issues with the Victorian bush fires last month that kept me away from my computer for 2 weeks.

So far for the month Pure profile as always has been busy, with a couple of surveys already, I have already earned a little over $10 since my $50 payment late last month. I also got a survey from Survey head worth $10 so that was a nice little bonus. I did a 5 minute survey for Valued opinions it was only worth a $1 but I am now just a couple of dollars from getting my first gift card from them, I have chosen the Woolworths Wish Gift card, that way I can use it at my local Woolworths and just put it towards my weekly shopping, it is pretty much the same as cash in your pocket, or at least I think so. Finaly I got a survey from Opinion Matters, which I had completely forgotten I was a member of.

March 7th
The first week of March is over and I have had a few surveys from various sites and as always some I qualified for and completed and others I wasn’t so fortunate. Pure profile suprised me with a survey worth $18.00, this was a 60 minute survey and unfortunately I couldn’t find the time to get it done. Other surveys I received were from My Opinions, Valued opinions, Qualified opinions, Global test market and Ciao surveys. I was a bit picky this week and let some of the surveys slide so only earned a few dollars. I did earn $6.00 from Survey Savvy during the week though and this was just from my referrals, getting some family and friends join under you at various sites is a great way to earn a little extra money and if you are so inclined you can always try your hand at setting up a blog or site similar to mine.

March 14th
I have just completed my latest survey from Pure profile, which was about TV’s and paid $4.00 I am fast approaching my next payout with Pure Profile. As always Global test market and Ciao have sent me a bunch of surveys and I currently have surveys in my email inbox from Valued opinions and Qualified opinions, no payments to report yet for this month, but I think I will start getting a few in the next week or two.

March 25th
As always quite a few surveys were delivered to my email inbox and always some I qualified for and quite a few that I didn’t. The stand out sites over the last few days, were Pure Profile, Valued Opinions, Ciao, Global test market and Survey head. I have also received my first payment for the month from Check My Stats on the 24th, with a payment of $69.32. I am quite close to claiming my next payment with Pure Profile, Ciao and Valued Opinions and will be looking forward to them.

March 31st
Another month has come to an end and this month I have been a bit picky with the surveys that I have done, the stand outs for the month were Survey head, Pure Profile, Valued Opinions, Ciao and Global Test Market, I am a couple of dollars away from claiming my next payment with Pure Profile and just today and I made $20 with Valued Opinions and have claimed a $20 Wish gift card that can be used at any Woolworths owned store. So another month has come to an end and I look forward to a busy April full of surveys.

Paid online surveys have been used by many companies and business entrepreneurs in order to gain information and responses from individuals with regards to a particular product or service. What many people do not realize is that their opinions when it comes to the products and services in question are extremely valuable and that there is, in fact, a valid reason why companies are willing to pay for that information.

All about Paid Online Surveys

One of the most popular online job opportunities found over the Internet is the paid online survey. As the name states, paid online surveys are survey forms which are completed by members of a certain website who, in return, get paid for their response. Paid online surveys cater to a number of different companies and help them target various market groups and get their opinion. And because these opinions are extremely valuable for the companies in question, the respondents get paid not just for the number of forms that they complete, is also depends on the length and comprehensiveness of the paid online survey forms.

Here are just some of the reasons why companies consider your opinions and feedback extremely important, so important that you even get paid for contributing:

Huge Long-Term Savings for the Company

One reason why many companies invest in the services of paid online survey websites to help is represented by the fact that the savings they would be able to take advantage of in the long run are impressive. One of the tools used by companies as a part of their marketing activities is the market research study. These studies involve the gathering of data and information about how well a product or service would be accepted by the market the company is aiming to target.

High Success Rate of Product and Service Launches

The primary reason why many products and services become a flop despite doing market research studies is represented by the fact that they didn’t have enough information at their disposal. Since many of the surveys would need to be short, it does not encompass all of the aspects which need to be looked upon when launching a product. Since respondents of paid online surveys get paid for every completed survey form, you can rest assured that all of the information would be provided by the respondent. On top of that, respondents who get paid by paid online survey websites are able to work at their own pace, so the answers they provide would help you fix any loose ends to your products and services before they are launched.

Meet the Needs of the Consumer

Respondents who get paid for completing paid online surveys are encouraged to organize their comments, suggestions and feedback based on the survey questionnaire you have disseminated. As such, you are able to think of new products and services which would meet the needs of the consumer. For this reason, you increase the chances of your products being accepted by the market you are trying to approach.