Earnings for January 2009


January 1st 2009
Understandably not a lot to report on new years day, but I did receive 2 surveys, one from Ciao Surveys for 93 cents and 1 from Global Test Market, unfortunately I did not qualify for either survey. I did get paid 10 cents for visiting a website via Pure Profile.

January 2nd 2009
A survey from Global Test Market for 50 points, 50 points converts into about $2.50. At this time of year I don’t expect all that much to come my way and am looking forward to next week when I think survey invites will start to pick up

January 3rd 2009
Earned 10 cents from Pure Profile for visiting a website and got another survey about movies from Global Test Market, unfortunately didn’t qualify for the survey but got 5 points which converts to about 25 cents just for answering the questions in the screening process.

January 4th 2009
Two surveys today, one from Ciao for 93 cents and another from That’s what I think for 500 points, points at That’s what I think can be exchanged for gift certificates and 500 points is worth about $1.66 give or take a little.

January 5th 2009
A total of three surveys today, things are starting to pick up in the second week of the new year it seems. First survey was from Pure Profile unfortunately I did not qualify but got 20 cents to answer the couple of screener questions, the other 2 surveys were from Global Test Market, I only qualified for one of those, so all up I will get paid 5 points for the survey I didn’t qualify for and 35 points for the survey I completed. Roughly 40 points is worth about $2.00

January 6th 2009
Not a bad day today and things are certainly beginning to pick up, four surveys all up today, one from Ciao for 93 cents, 2 from Pure Profile, one of which I didn’t qualify for but still got 20 cents the other was a quick 3 minute online survey which paid 60 cents. The forth survey today was from Valued Opinions it is a 2 part survey and the second part will come in about a week, once completed it will pay $1.00. I always do the surveys from Valued Opinions they may not pay a lot but they are always quick only a couple of minutes and late last year I got invited to two market research assessments via the surveys I completed, they both paid $75.00 for about 45 minutes work. On top of the surveys I got paid 20 cents to visit 2 websites through Pure Profile.

January 7th 2009
An interesting day today with my first day of the year that I have got a high paying survey, first off though one survey from Pure Profile, another one I didn’t qualify for but got 20 cents just to answer a couple of questions and even though I didn’t qualify again all those 20 cent payments start to add up. The other survey I got today was from Global Test Market, it is a survey that is conducted over a 2 week period, takes about 3 hours to complete all up and the reward is 700 points, that pretty much converts to $35.00, understandably I was stoked when I received the survey and qualified for it.

January 8th 2009
Not a lot to report today with just the one survey from Pure Profile, took about 5 minutes and got paid $1.20 for it.

January 9th 2009
A few surveys to report today, firstly Global test market sent out a survey worth 40 points, a quick and easy survey that took me about 5 minutes to complete. I also received online surveys from Test and Vote, My View and Ciao Surveys. The survey from Test and Vote was worth 1300 points at equates to about 50 cents, Ciao sent out a survey for 93 cents, the last 2 surveys I did not bother doing due to a lack of time and finaly the survey from My View, at the moment surveys from My View are for sweepstakes entries but they are changing over to a monetary reward format and will be paying by paypal in the early part of 2009, so I am looking forward to the change over.

January 10th 2009
Not a lot to report today with just the one survey from Global test market, which was worth 50 points.

January 11th 2009
To start the day I visited 2 websites through Pure profile and received 10 cents for my efforts and shortly after that I received a survey from Ciao worth $2.80

January 12th 2009
Not a thing, for the 1st time this year I did not receive a single survey to do from anywhere.

January 13th 2009
Not a lot to report today with just the two surveys, oneĀ  from Ciao worth $2.80 and the other from Light speed for $2.15 other then that I had 2 website visits through Pure profile which netted me another 20 cents.

January 14th 2009
My first survey for today was from Ciao and worth $4.48, unfortunately I didn’t qualify for the survey, unfortunately my first survey for the day was my only survey.

January 15th 2009
A better day, then yesterday with a few more surveys waiting for me to be completed. A quick 6 minute survey from Pure profile earned me $1.20, I also received another survey invite from Ciao which was for 93 cents which I didn’t bother doing and finaly I got a survey from Qualified opinions which was for sweepstakes entries, I don’t usualy do these but I figure it was only 10 minutes and I guess someone has to win.

January 16th 2009
Pure profile brought a smile to my face as I completed one of their surveys and got myself $5.00 for my efforts, I currently have $39.80 in earnings at Pure profile and will be cashing out when I get to $50.00. I also did a survey at Light speed which was worth a little over $2.00 and with some previous earnings I had there I claimed a $5.00 payment to my paypal account, I’ll post here when I get the payment. I also got a survey invite from Valued opinions which was worth $3.00 unfortunately I did not qualify for this one.

January 17th 2009
Two surveys from Light speed today allowed me to redeem for another $5.00 paypal payment. On top of those I also received 2 surveys from Test and Vote worth all up 3250 points, due to a lack of time I didn’t bother to do these.

January 18th 2009
My first survey for the day was from Ciao a quick 12 minute online survey that paid $1.50, my only other survey for the day I got from Valued opinions and paid me $2.00. Valued opinions sends out $20 gift certificates automaticaly every time your account reaches $20.00 there is gift certificates available from a heap of different companies, I have chosen the Woolworths wish gift card, I will use the card in Woolworths next time I do my grocery shopping, so it is kind of like getting cash in my pocket.

January 19th 2009
A busy day at Pure profile, with a total of 3 surveys and a website visit, bad luck though I didn’t qualify for the first 2 surveys but with the 20 cents each I got from the two of those the 10 cents for visiting a website and the $3.00 I got from the survey that I completed my account is now up to $43.30 and not far from the $50.00 target that I am going to redeem my earnings and get it sent to my bank account. Other then Pure profile I did also get a short 4 minute survey from My view, they have changed over to their new payment system yet, so the survey was still for sweepstakes entries, but I figure for a 4 minute survey I may as well do it.

Please Note
After being away on holidays for a few weeks and then being caught up in the Victorian bush fires over the last couple of weeks, I am along way behind as you may have noticed. With the being said I will endeavor to piece things together as well as I can and get the site back up to date and continue on as normal.

Not a lot to report for the rest of the month as I was in sunny Queensland for 3 weeks, although I can tell you that I did get a couple of payouts, $10.00 from Lightspeed, $7.00 from Ciao and finaly $89.16 from Check My Stats.


2 Responses to “Earnings for January 2009”
  1. bryce says:

    I have yet to see the total posted for January 2009. It is nearly March now, and it makes me think there is not a lot to be happy about. I cant see why people would want to do the survey thing. The popularity is now turning to skepticism, and if some of the reports are true, I am not surprised.

    I recently spent 8 months researching the internet and compiling a 50 page report on more than 100 companies that offered Work At home positions, some paying as much as $50 an hour, and not one of them had anything to do with surveys, email processing, or anything else that has in the past been considered scammy.

    I would be interested to see what your January figures were though.

  2. adam7one says:

    Hi Bryce,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, I must admit I havn’t kept my site up to date as much as I would have liked but I did go on holidays for a couple of weeks and then ended up with bush fires on my door step over the last couple of weeks. I’ll up date the site over the next few days and get it back to where it should be.


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