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Paid Online Surveys, easy money for everyone.

Around the world there are virtualy thousands of companies that are recruiting for paid surveys online, some are reputable and legit and some will just fill your inbox full of spam, I have done the hard work and won’t have any dodgy sites here at Getting Paid Online, You can rest assured that every site you find here is legitimate. The usual rewards for completing a paid survey are either cash, gifts or prize draws. So please peruse my lists of survey companies that I have found to be the most reliable and the quickest to earn some extra income with.

Our extensive list of online survey companies that want you for their research panels, are in country order, just click your country to find online surveys that are available for you.

Australia – These market research companies are looking for Australians to join their survey panels.
New Zealand – A list of online survey opportunities that are available to New Zealand
International – For all other parts of the world a list of online survey sites that are looking for new members from all parts of the world.

Tips on increasing paid survey invitations.

  • Join as many sites as you can, the more sites you join means the more chances you have in receiving paid survey invitations.
  • Keep your profile and email address up to date, keeping your profile up to date will increase your chances of receiving paid surveys that are relevant to your current circumstances and improve your chances of completing the surveys without screening out (Screening out, most survey invitations start with a short series of questions to find out if you qualify or meet the criteria that the survey is meant to be directed at).
  • Answer the questions they ask truthfully!
  • Finally be patient, you might not see any surveys for weeks or months from some of these survey companies, others can send 2 or 3 a week. Follow the tips above and you will give your self every chance to make some extra cash with paid surveys online, and even win some cool prizes, all the while influencing the way companies design, sell and market new and existing products and services.

How are the surveys taken?

There is a few different ways that surveys or market research can be done and each way pays alittle bit different to the others. The most common practice is for an email to be sent to you stating that you have a survey waiting for you, usualy the email will also have the time it will take to complete the survey and the reward for successful completion. From personal experience I have been paid from 60 cents for a 3 minute survey and up to $100 for a survey that took me 90 minutes but was specialised to the industry field I was working in at the time.

If you are invited to a market research discussion group this will be at a location that is central to a few people and several people will be there offering their opinions usualy for a new product, taste testing is ran this way quite often. I have done a few of these and have been paid anywhere from $20 to $75 with the longest panel running for 45 minutes.

The other possibility is phone interviews, if in your profile you agree to allow a survey company to contact you by phone, they will call you and after the survey credit your account with the reward for the survey. I personaly havn’t done a survey over the phone but from feedback I have been given in the past it seems usual rewards range from $10 to $25.

I hope the information you find on this site proves helpful and allows that little extra financial freedom that I have been enjoying over the last few years. If you have any questions about anything you see on this site you are most welcome to use the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.