Australian Surveys 2

More paid online surveys for Australians, be sure to check out page 1 of Australian surveys if you havn’t already.

Get paid online - Snap Dollars Snap Dollars
Snap Dollars, pays you for many activities that you already do online for free. Get paid $5.00 just for joining up, get paid $5.00 per referral, get paid up to 20 cents per email, get paid up to $150 per offer and get paid up to $10.00 per survey. Payouts are made once per month and are paid by cheque.

Paid online surveys - Global Test Market Global Test Market
Global test market is an international survey site which is currently looking for new members from Australia. At Global test market you will be invited to participate in a variety of surveys where you can influence the people who are developing new products or creating new services. You will get paid market points for completing surveys. Market points can then be exchanged for cash at a rate of 1000 points per $50 which will be paid to you by cheque. Of course like all sites that are on getting paid online, it is completely free to join.

Survey Savvy paid online surveys Survey Savvy
MUST JOIN Survey Site that is currently looking for Australians to join. You will only get about 6 surveys per year but they are so worth it, my first survey paid me $100 US which is quite a handy amount once exchanged to Australian Dollars. Survey Savvy also has an awesome 2 tier referral program, you will receive $2.00 for each survey your referral completes and $1.00 for each survey your referrals referral completes. This site will allow you to rack up big dollars very quickly and I can’t stress enough that everyone needs to join this site.

Spider Metrix paid online surveys Spider Metrix
Australian owned and operated site that is open to members world wide. At Spider metrix you get paid for surveys and website ratings. It boasts a nice referral scheme and points are easy to get. 300 Points is redeemable for $50. Pay outs are by either Cheque or Paypal.

Pure Profile paid online surveys Pure Profile
Another Australian owned and operated site that is actively recruiting members from all over the world not just Australia, Pure profile is fast becoming the best survey site out there, surveys are worth between $1 to $5 and surveys you don’t qualify for will earn you 20 cents for your time, add to that, you get paid 5 to 25 cents just to visit sites, this is a fast earner and is highly recommended for everyone to join. On top of all this you can also earn up to $5.00 for each one of your referrals. Payouts are made by direct bank deposit.

My Opinions paid online surveys My Opinions
My Opinions is owned and operated by Email Cash, surveys at My Opinions pay points with 3000 points redeemable for a $30 cheque, on top of the normal surveys you can do quick surveys that pay a couple of points and you will get more points for any survey that you begin but don’t qualify for. As with Email Cash you can also take advantage of My Opinions referral program and get paid 200 points for every active referral. Plenty of surveys and the referral program make My Opinions a quick earner and well worth joining.

Market View paid online surveys Market View
For every survey completed at Market View you will be automaticaly entered into a draw to win $5,000, you will also be awarded points that can be saved and then spent in Market view’s online shopping store. Some of the surveys offer the chance to see new products or services from companies before the general public does. Their clients are some of the world’s largest computer, consumer goods, automotive, food manufacturers and web based companies. So chances of actualy receiving free products to trial are quite high. 100 Market View points equates to approximately $1.00 and surveys reward between $1 and $5 on completion. If you are invited to do a survey and do not qualify you will still earn 50 marketview points.

Your Voice paid online surveys Your Voice
Your Voice is owned and operated by ACNielsen a very reputable and well known market research company, as a Your Voice member you will be invited to participate in a number of surveys and research assignments, I have been paid up to $70 for one research assignment that took me 10 minutes a day for 5 days. All rewards from Your Voice will sent to you as gift certificates, to date I have received over $800.00 in Westfield gift certificates. Your Voice also allows up to 20 referrals per person so you can invite your friends and family and earn a little bit more.

Thats what I think paid online surveys Thats what I think
This is a very little known survey site that I have been involved in for about 5 years now, at That’s what I think you will receive surveys about monthly and usualy on movies. Each survey pays 500 points and from 1500 points you can start redeeming for wishlist and amazon gift certificates, you can also invite up to 5 friends and receive 100 points for each survey you friends do. I have got an Ipod and a few other things from wishlist all from the gift certificates that I have got from That’s what I think.