International Surveys

Surveys for everyone, no matter where in the world you are from.

This is my current list of international survey companies that are looking for people from all parts of the world, so matter where you live, these sites are available to everyone. I am updating this page constantly so be sure to come back often.

Survey Head paid online surveys Survey Head
Survey head is an exciting new site from the original creators of GoZing surveys which has now become part of the Greenfield and Ciao surveys group. There are no gimmicks with Survey head it is all high paying surveys that pay you direct to your paypal account. Survey head is currently recruiting new members from all parts of the world and have many surveys waiting to be completed, click the link now to see if there are any surveys waiting for you, if not signup to the site and you will recieve survey invites in your email as soon as they are available. SPECIAL OFFER – signup now and get $5.00 in your account straight away.

Treasure Trooper Online Rewards Treasure Trooper
Treasure Trooper is an online Get Paid To site. Get paid to signup for all sorts of offers and sites and trials, no credit card is needed but some of the highest offering sites will need one. With Treasure Trooper, self-motivated consistent users can very easily earn $100-150 a month if not more, to fill out forms for sponsors, complete surveys, sign up for free trials and get cash back on online shopping. Treasure Trooper paid out over $1,000,000 to it’s members in 2007 alone, so it is very easy to see why this is site is one of the most popular on the internet.

Cash Crate Online Rewards Cash Crate
Cash crate is another online Get Paid To site. Get paid to signup for all sorts of offers and sites and trials, no credit card is needed but some of the highest offering sites will need one. Cash crate has similar offers to Treasure Trooper and some offers that are unique to Cash crate. Minimum payout is $20 and that can be made on the first day for most countries, payout is by cheque or paypal. Cash Crate also has a very generous referral structure in which you earn 20% and 10% of what your referrals earn.

Survey Savvy paid online surveys Survey Savvy
MUST JOIN International Survey Site, with an awesome 2 tier referral program. You will only get about 6 surveys per year but they are so worth it, my first survey paid me $100 US which is quite a handy amount once exchanged to Aussie Dollars. Not to mention you will also receive $2 for each survey your referral completes and $1 for each survey your referrals referral completes. This site will allow you to rack up big dollars very quickly and I can’t stress enough that everyone needs to join this site.

SpiderMetrix paid online surveys Spider Metrix
International Site, Paid for Surveys and website ratings. Nice referral Scheme and points are easy to get. 300 Points is redeemable for $50. Pay outs are by either Cheque or Paypal.

Pure Profile paid online surveys Pure Profile
International site, that is fast becoming the best survey site out there, surveys are worth between $1 to $5 and surveys you don’t qualify for will earn you 20 cents for your time, add to that, you get paid 5 to 25 cents just to visit sites, this is a fast earner and is highly recommended for everyone to join.

Global Test Market online surveys Global Test Market
GlobalTestMarket is an international survey site which is open to members world wide. You will be invited to participate in a variety of surveys where you can influence the people who are developing new products or creating new services. You will get paid market points for completing surveys. Market Points can then be exchanged for cash at a rate of 1000 points per $50 US. Of course like all sites that are on gettingpaidonline it is completely free to join.