Get Paid to Complete Surveys: Does It Really Work?


It is absolutely possible to find quite a few money-making opportunities in the online survey and market research sector, but before you go crazy signing up at different sites and thinking you will instantly be rich, you need to keep in mind a few things!

A lot of the opportunities like this that you see advertised in pop ups, banners, or in email are going to be scams. That is just the way of the world, for every real opportunity out there, you are going to find several that are just there to try to rip you off. If you are serious about using online surveys and market research to make some cash, then you need to do your own research before you get started, to make sure you find a group to work with that is not going to waste your time.

First things first – not all “get paid to” positions will pay you in cash. Many companies want your opinions on specific products, and will therefore send those products to you in exchange. Instead of getting a check in the mail, you will get boxes of pizza, cookies, crackers, shampoos, cleaning products, and more. That might initially not sound as good as a check for 10 dollars, but if the shampoo and cleaning products turn out to be something you really like and will use, then that’s 10 dollars you do not need to spend at the store. Besides, everyone likes to get packages, and it’s even better when those packages are packed with free goodies!

The second thing to keep in mind is that other companies do not pay in cash or outright free stuff in the mail. Instead, you will be rewarded with points, and once you accumulate enough points, then you can trade them in for different prizes of your choice. You will obviously not make a living off of a deal like this, but if you have some spare time to spend filling out surveys, you will eventually rack up enough points to get yourself a nice little gift.

Now, the third thing to bear in mind is that some companies DO pay cash – you just need to suss them out. If a company asks you to pay them to get started with filling out surveys so that you can get paid, chances are high that you have found yourself a scam, and you should move on. Most legitimate survey and online research outfits pay anywhere from $5 to $10 for a completed survey, so if you see someone advertising a huge amount, like $50 per completed survey, chances are high that this is also a scam, or you are going to have to jump through ridiculous hoops to see any rewards. Look for well-designed, active sites that have some form of support staff and hopefully some testimonials from other people that complete the surveys talking about how it actually does pay. Some sites will show pictures of actual checks that were mailed out, so that’s a bonus to keep an eye out for – it will help you determine whether or not the site really does what it says it will.

So you can see that there are several ways to go about getting rewarded for time spent offering your opinions on the Internet – rewards that come in the form of cash, free stuff, and points to trade in for prizes. If you keep a sharp eye out and are willing to take the time to make sure you find a legitimate company, then you will soon find that your work pays off!

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