I am going to give away alot of money


That’s right you read it right. GettingPaidOnline is going to give away up to $5,000.00 and it couldn’t be any easier to get a part of it.

Now nothing comes free, you do need to do a little work for it but it is easy, so here is the deal.

I am looking for more people to signup to Cash crate. Cash crate is a paid to signup site, that pays you various amounts to signup to trials and offers, it also pays you for surveys and gives cash back for online shopping.

Most offers and surveys are aimed at USA, Canada and United Kingdom, people from other countries can join but will not make much from the signup section or the surveys but the site does have in my opinion the best 2 tier referral system on the internet, where you can earn up to 30% / 20% of your referrals earnings.

My offer.
If you are from the USA, signup and complete one offer and I’ll pay you $3.00, stay with the site and earn yourself $10.00 and I’ll pay a further $2.00, promote the site and get 10 active USA referrals and I’ll pay you $10.00. That is a total of $15.00 you can earn just for signing up and doing a little work

For all other countries, this is my offer. Signup and earn $10.00 and I’ll pay you $2.00, promote the site and get 10 active USA referrals and I’ll pay you $10.00, so for everyone else you have the chance to earn $12.00

For the first person to join up, no matter what country you are from and recruit 100 active USA referrals I will pay a further $100.00

All payments will be made via paypal.
Screenshots to be supplied upon request before payment.

Use this link to join: – Cash crate

Once you have joined post here your id# so that I can verify you are in my downline. Then when ever you are ready to claim a payment simply post a reply here and I’ll send you a message asking for your payment details.


12 Responses to “I am going to give away alot of money”
  1. sahilcmr says:

    All are trying to make money, Cash Crate, Our Messenger to Money..

  2. m3l1ssh4 says:

    too bad that there difference to other countries, if not i believe lot of people will join this one.

  3. pavan says:

    all have money,cash and honey and the messenger give to money…………

  4. adam7one says:

    Thanks for the comments,

    As the post says most offers are for US, UK and Canada, other countries have a few offers to, but the referral system in Cash Crate makes it a must join program pretty much for anyone that can get some referrals to sign up under them.

  5. Aertcz says:

    Well that is a pretty nice rate at a 20%-30% of my referral’s earnings. Most affiliate websites dish out a puny 10%. Your offer sounds pretty legitimate and I am looking foward to the easy $15USD, and the additional $100 up for grabs. All seems good, and even better that I have a verified PayPal account. Do you send the money normally or use MassPay (I believe MassPay is a new feature). Regardless, I hope to be working with you shortly.


  6. adam7one says:

    Hi Alex,

    I send the payment normally but the funding is either from my account or my bank account so you don’t have to worry about upgrading your account to accept credit card payments.

  7. DELORIS says:

    okay i think that would be okay if you send the money okay i have been doing alot pay survey that have pay out i started doing paidsurvey sent 01/09

  8. adam7one says:


    Once you have signed up and done your first offer, post here with your Cash Crate id# and I’ll send payment to you.

  9. John says:

    Is this offer still good. How many people from the USA responded.

  10. adam7one says:

    Hi John,

    Yes this offer is still good, I have had a few people take it up but none of them have got serious about gaining referrals so the $100 is well and truly up for grabs

  11. Philsfault says:

    Hey Adam… Long time no talk. I’m already a member of Cash Crate and have over 1100 first level referrals. Am I disqualified from this contest =P ?

    Let me know how this turned out for you. Oh and don’t be afraid to say Hi once in awhile.

  12. adam7one says:

    lol not quite eligible sorry to say as to how this has turned out, not a single person interested, so ahh well I keep my money for now until someone interested comes a long

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