Top 10 reasons to do paid online surveys


Many Australians just like you and I are completing paid online surveys every day. Why are all these hardworking Australians taking time out of their busy days to complete online surveys you may ask? I have done a lot of research over the years and below I reveal my top ten observations as to what is motivating people to participate in online surveys.

  • It’s free to participate in Australian online surveys. Many sites out there will try to sell you lists of sites that will do nothing for you or are for other countries, the sites I have listed here are free and all the information on getting paid online is free, lets face it you are getting paid for your opinion, not the other way round.
  • Money Money Money!!! Many of the surveys offer monetary incentives for completing online surveys! It is hard to believe that numerous people are getting paid to spend a few minutes of their time and complete online surveys. Completing paid online surveys allow many financial freedoms including taking the pressures off family life, particularly families with a stay at home mum that may be on a single income this allows more time to enjoy with one’s family.
  • Many people are winning prizes for completing paid online surveys and market research assessments and finding they are getting free products, holidays and discounts from companies like Dymocks, Hoyts, Dstore, Rebel Sport, and Supercheap Auto. The more online surveys completed, the greater the chance to win prizes. Many have won prizes just for registering to new sites. I personaly have won an Xbox360, digital camera, DVD player, toaster and about $1,000 in various gift certificates over the last couple of years.
  • Many of the companies that offer paid online surveys give free music downloads, gift cards and other products. Free gifts are not limited to the items being surveyed, but also from many other companies.
  • When users participate in paid online surveys they get the opportunity to view never-before-seen movie trailers and commercials. Their opinions even help to determine which trailers get released to the public!
  • Paid online surveys offer easy ways to get paid. Payment methods include Paypal, cheques, direct deposit and gift certificates.
  • Specialised paid online surveys reserved for professionals in various fields, usualy offer higher payouts.
  • With many paid online surveys points can be earned and are redeemable for some great stuff, including electrical appliances, digital cameras, mp3 players etc and even to bid in auctions only available to paid survey panelists.
  • Many paid online surveys allow you to keep the product you are surveying! These can be electronics, appliances, clothes, shoes and more!
  • A lot of sites will pay you to refer friends and family to their sites, so not only do you earn money from the surveys you take but also you can earn a little bit extra from your referrals.

    Now that you know why Australians are completing online surveys, you may ask why companies are paying us for our opinions.

    Many companies spend big dollars every year on market research. No company wants to spend millions of dollars and releasing a product or service to market and then see it fail so spending a few thousand first and collecting our thoughts, can potentialy save or make millions in profit in the long term. The Australian consumer opinion is important and we can now get paid for it

    After all of my research over the last few years, I have certainly decided and by now I hope you agree that online paid surveys are worth checking out.

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