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March 3rd
A new month has started and I am back in the swing of things after the issues with the Victorian bush fires last month that kept me away from my computer for 2 weeks.

So far for the month Pure profile as always has been busy, with a couple of surveys already, I have already earned a little over $10 since my $50 payment late last month. I also got a survey from Survey head worth $10 so that was a nice little bonus. I did a 5 minute survey for Valued opinions it was only worth a $1 but I am now just a couple of dollars from getting my first gift card from them, I have chosen the Woolworths Wish Gift card, that way I can use it at my local Woolworths and just put it towards my weekly shopping, it is pretty much the same as cash in your pocket, or at least I think so. Finaly I got a survey from Opinion Matters, which I had completely forgotten I was a member of.

March 7th
The first week of March is over and I have had a few surveys from various sites and as always some I qualified for and completed and others I wasn’t so fortunate. Pure profile suprised me with a survey worth $18.00, this was a 60 minute survey and unfortunately I couldn’t find the time to get it done. Other surveys I received were from My Opinions, Valued opinions, Qualified opinions, Global test market and Ciao surveys. I was a bit picky this week and let some of the surveys slide so only earned a few dollars. I did earn $6.00 from Survey Savvy during the week though and this was just from my referrals, getting some family and friends join under you at various sites is a great way to earn a little extra money and if you are so inclined you can always try your hand at setting up a blog or site similar to mine.

March 14th
I have just completed my latest survey from Pure profile, which was about TV’s and paid $4.00 I am fast approaching my next payout with Pure Profile. As always Global test market and Ciao have sent me a bunch of surveys and I currently have surveys in my email inbox from Valued opinions and Qualified opinions, no payments to report yet for this month, but I think I will start getting a few in the next week or two.

March 25th
As always quite a few surveys were delivered to my email inbox and always some I qualified for and quite a few that I didn’t. The stand out sites over the last few days, were Pure Profile, Valued Opinions, Ciao, Global test market and Survey head. I have also received my first payment for the month from Check My Stats on the 24th, with a payment of $69.32. I am quite close to claiming my next payment with Pure Profile, Ciao and Valued Opinions and will be looking forward to them.

March 31st
Another month has come to an end and this month I have been a bit picky with the surveys that I have done, the stand outs for the month were Survey head, Pure Profile, Valued Opinions, Ciao and Global Test Market, I am a couple of dollars away from claiming my next payment with Pure Profile and just today and I made $20 with Valued Opinions and have claimed a $20 Wish gift card that can be used at any Woolworths owned store. So another month has come to an end and I look forward to a busy April full of surveys.

Paid online surveys have been used by many companies and business entrepreneurs in order to gain information and responses from individuals with regards to a particular product or service. What many people do not realize is that their opinions when it comes to the products and services in question are extremely valuable and that there is, in fact, a valid reason why companies are willing to pay for that information.

All about Paid Online Surveys

One of the most popular online job opportunities found over the Internet is the paid online survey. As the name states, paid online surveys are survey forms which are completed by members of a certain website who, in return, get paid for their response. Paid online surveys cater to a number of different companies and help them target various market groups and get their opinion. And because these opinions are extremely valuable for the companies in question, the respondents get paid not just for the number of forms that they complete, is also depends on the length and comprehensiveness of the paid online survey forms.

Here are just some of the reasons why companies consider your opinions and feedback extremely important, so important that you even get paid for contributing:

Huge Long-Term Savings for the Company

One reason why many companies invest in the services of paid online survey websites to help is represented by the fact that the savings they would be able to take advantage of in the long run are impressive. One of the tools used by companies as a part of their marketing activities is the market research study. These studies involve the gathering of data and information about how well a product or service would be accepted by the market the company is aiming to target.

High Success Rate of Product and Service Launches

The primary reason why many products and services become a flop despite doing market research studies is represented by the fact that they didn’t have enough information at their disposal. Since many of the surveys would need to be short, it does not encompass all of the aspects which need to be looked upon when launching a product. Since respondents of paid online surveys get paid for every completed survey form, you can rest assured that all of the information would be provided by the respondent. On top of that, respondents who get paid by paid online survey websites are able to work at their own pace, so the answers they provide would help you fix any loose ends to your products and services before they are launched.

Meet the Needs of the Consumer

Respondents who get paid for completing paid online surveys are encouraged to organize their comments, suggestions and feedback based on the survey questionnaire you have disseminated. As such, you are able to think of new products and services which would meet the needs of the consumer. For this reason, you increase the chances of your products being accepted by the market you are trying to approach.

Paid online surveys have not only become a popular means for people to earn some side-income, they have also become a preferred method for many business organizations to conduct market research with regards to their products and services. It is no wonder why more and more business organizations have now begun to turn to paid online survey websites for their marketing needs.

The Importance of Surveys

Before a particular product or service is launched by a business, this particular company would usually conduct surveys as part of their market research. The main purpose for this is to be able to determine just how feasible the launch of their new product or service will be. There are a number of benefits which come with using paid online surveys for your company’s market research, such as:

A Higher Response Rate

When a company conducts a particular marketing research study on the feasibility of a product or service which it is offering, the reliability of the results is based on the number of those who have responded. Because paid online surveys guarantee that an individual would get paid by simply completing a couple of survey forms, the likelihood that your survey would be able to have higher response rate increases, which is crucial in determining the success of a certain launch.

Meeting Target Market Groups

When a person signs up for an account with any of the paid online survey websites found over the Internet, he or she is required to fill up a personal profile sheet. Based on the information provided, the paid online survey forms are disseminated to those members who are able match the profile of the target market that you are planning to offer the product or service to. As a result, the responses which you are able to receive are coming from the same target market group that you are offering products and services to.

Ability to Disseminate More Comprehensive Surveys

Another benefit gained by companies availing the services of paid online survey websites is that they are able to disseminate more comprehensive survey forms. That is because in many cases, the longer the survey form completed, the higher the amount that the members get paid. And because of this, you are able to carefully analyze the data to get a clearer picture of the feasibility of the product or service you are planning to launch.

Paid Online Survey Respondents Give Feedback

Since the respondents would get paid for completing these survey forms, they would be more than happy to provide comments, feedback and suggestions regarding your products or services. With traditional methods, these areas are often left blank. In the case of paid online surveys, your company would be able to gain a lot of information which can be used in order to boost the success rate of the launch you are so carefully planning.

Today, more and more people are finding ways and means to earn extra some extra money in order to further stretch the household budget through the many online job opportunities which are available online. One particular online job opportunity which has been growing in popularity is participating in paid online surveys. With so many paid online survey websites to choose from and so many more posing as scams, it is extremely important that you are able to determine which one is legitimate. Here are just some tips to help you to choose which paid online survey program would work best.

Minimum Amount of Work

The main reason why many people are now looking to participate in paid online survey programs is the amount that they are able to get paid in a month. In fact, many paid online survey websites have promised interested individuals that they would be able to get paid more than their monthly salaries from their regular paying jobs. What most, if not all of the paid online survey programs fail to mention is that there is a minimum amount you would need to complete in order for you to get paid. As such, it is important to first scrutinize the minimum amount of work you would need to complete in order for you to get paid. That way, you would be able to determine just how much work you would need to put into it and how many paid online survey questionnaires you would need to complete in order to get paid.

Variety of Programs

Another thing you would need to look into when deciding which paid online survey website to join is the variety of programs they offer. Apart from completing paid online survey questionnaires, there are also a number of different programs which are offered where you are also paid a corresponding amount. Some paid online survey websites allow you to participate in many programs. In other cases, you are only required to choose one. It is a good idea to check if you would be able to participate in a variety of programs, since this would then increase the amount you earn quite significantly.

Availability in Your Area

While many paid online survey websites do allow you to get paid by completing questionnaires within a certain period of time, it is also important to check the frequency of those paid online survey questionnaires that match your profile. Many paid online survey websites would provide survey questionnaires to those living in the United States and Canada. And because one gets paid depending on the amount of work one has completed, having a high percentage of survey questionnaires matching your profile, particularly the location where you are staying, is vital in order for you to make sure that at the end of the week, you get paid for all of the effort you put in.

It is absolutely possible to find quite a few money-making opportunities in the online survey and market research sector, but before you go crazy signing up at different sites and thinking you will instantly be rich, you need to keep in mind a few things!

A lot of the opportunities like this that you see advertised in pop ups, banners, or in email are going to be scams. That is just the way of the world, for every real opportunity out there, you are going to find several that are just there to try to rip you off. If you are serious about using online surveys and market research to make some cash, then you need to do your own research before you get started, to make sure you find a group to work with that is not going to waste your time.

First things first – not all “get paid to” positions will pay you in cash. Many companies want your opinions on specific products, and will therefore send those products to you in exchange. Instead of getting a check in the mail, you will get boxes of pizza, cookies, crackers, shampoos, cleaning products, and more. That might initially not sound as good as a check for 10 dollars, but if the shampoo and cleaning products turn out to be something you really like and will use, then that’s 10 dollars you do not need to spend at the store. Besides, everyone likes to get packages, and it’s even better when those packages are packed with free goodies!

The second thing to keep in mind is that other companies do not pay in cash or outright free stuff in the mail. Instead, you will be rewarded with points, and once you accumulate enough points, then you can trade them in for different prizes of your choice. You will obviously not make a living off of a deal like this, but if you have some spare time to spend filling out surveys, you will eventually rack up enough points to get yourself a nice little gift.

Now, the third thing to bear in mind is that some companies DO pay cash – you just need to suss them out. If a company asks you to pay them to get started with filling out surveys so that you can get paid, chances are high that you have found yourself a scam, and you should move on. Most legitimate survey and online research outfits pay anywhere from $5 to $10 for a completed survey, so if you see someone advertising a huge amount, like $50 per completed survey, chances are high that this is also a scam, or you are going to have to jump through ridiculous hoops to see any rewards. Look for well-designed, active sites that have some form of support staff and hopefully some testimonials from other people that complete the surveys talking about how it actually does pay. Some sites will show pictures of actual checks that were mailed out, so that’s a bonus to keep an eye out for – it will help you determine whether or not the site really does what it says it will.

So you can see that there are several ways to go about getting rewarded for time spent offering your opinions on the Internet – rewards that come in the form of cash, free stuff, and points to trade in for prizes. If you keep a sharp eye out and are willing to take the time to make sure you find a legitimate company, then you will soon find that your work pays off!

Most people unfortunately let social conditioning get the best of them by assuming that having what is commonly perceived as being a stable job should make them feel secure financially. But why would having a seemingly secure job be any safer than being an entrepreneur, for example?

Some might argue that a business can always go bankrupt and that is correct. But doesn’t the same principle apply when it comes to your job? In fact, your employer can just say the two magical words, and what might have originally seemed like a fortress of stability can crumble just like that.

Financial stability is a myth and nothing more these days. You can be an entrepreneur or have a regular 9-5 job, it really doesn’t matter: thinking that limiting yourself to having one income stream will be enough is not a wise decision. Having a second income stream is a realistic approach which will at least help you get closer to a goal such as financial security.

Aside from that, it will also help you spice things up a little bit. There’s nothing like a new challenge to make you feel active again. You make more money, feel more secure and less bored: it’s really a no-brainer. Having a second income stream is always the smart thing to do. It’s obviously not as easy as being lazy and limiting yourself to your current activity, but doing the right thing never is.

This is where paid online surveys can help out, one of the most simple ways to earn an alternative income is most often over looked by many people because of things they have heard or because it sounds too good to be true. To put it simply people are making money and getting paid just for giving their opinions on many every day products and services and my aim of this website is to show you where you need to go, where you need to sign up so that you can start making that 2nd income like I have been doing for the last 5 years.

Many Australians just like you and I are completing paid online surveys every day. Why are all these hardworking Australians taking time out of their busy days to complete online surveys you may ask? I have done a lot of research over the years and below I reveal my top ten observations as to what is motivating people to participate in online surveys.

  • It’s free to participate in Australian online surveys. Many sites out there will try to sell you lists of sites that will do nothing for you or are for other countries, the sites I have listed here are free and all the information on getting paid online is free, lets face it you are getting paid for your opinion, not the other way round.
  • Money Money Money!!! Many of the surveys offer monetary incentives for completing online surveys! It is hard to believe that numerous people are getting paid to spend a few minutes of their time and complete online surveys. Completing paid online surveys allow many financial freedoms including taking the pressures off family life, particularly families with a stay at home mum that may be on a single income this allows more time to enjoy with one’s family.
  • Many people are winning prizes for completing paid online surveys and market research assessments and finding they are getting free products, holidays and discounts from companies like Dymocks, Hoyts, Dstore, Rebel Sport, and Supercheap Auto. The more online surveys completed, the greater the chance to win prizes. Many have won prizes just for registering to new sites. I personaly have won an Xbox360, digital camera, DVD player, toaster and about $1,000 in various gift certificates over the last couple of years.
  • Many of the companies that offer paid online surveys give free music downloads, gift cards and other products. Free gifts are not limited to the items being surveyed, but also from many other companies.
  • When users participate in paid online surveys they get the opportunity to view never-before-seen movie trailers and commercials. Their opinions even help to determine which trailers get released to the public!
  • Paid online surveys offer easy ways to get paid. Payment methods include Paypal, cheques, direct deposit and gift certificates.
  • Specialised paid online surveys reserved for professionals in various fields, usualy offer higher payouts.
  • With many paid online surveys points can be earned and are redeemable for some great stuff, including electrical appliances, digital cameras, mp3 players etc and even to bid in auctions only available to paid survey panelists.
  • Many paid online surveys allow you to keep the product you are surveying! These can be electronics, appliances, clothes, shoes and more!
  • A lot of sites will pay you to refer friends and family to their sites, so not only do you earn money from the surveys you take but also you can earn a little bit extra from your referrals.

    Now that you know why Australians are completing online surveys, you may ask why companies are paying us for our opinions.

    Many companies spend big dollars every year on market research. No company wants to spend millions of dollars and releasing a product or service to market and then see it fail so spending a few thousand first and collecting our thoughts, can potentialy save or make millions in profit in the long term. The Australian consumer opinion is important and we can now get paid for it

    After all of my research over the last few years, I have certainly decided and by now I hope you agree that online paid surveys are worth checking out.

    Glancing at the news headlines today, most people are worried about job security and looking for opportunities to supplement their income. What started out as a regional recession has now hit the world economy, and many industries in Australia are increasingly at risk of downsizing. In order to give your family an additional layer of insurance against these uncertainties, a number of leading market research firms are now offering the opportunity to earn serious money through paid online surveys.

    Whether you work as in construction, finance, entertainment or any other field, you can bring your own unique expertise to help marketing companies make better product decisions. The compensation rates for paid surveys in Australia are quite competitive, and many individuals who begin taking surveys to provide additional wages end up earning a nice second income every month.

    In order to understand why paid survey companies are willing to compensate you well for your opinions, consider the vast amount of products that come to market each year: a majority of product launches are not successful on their first run, and your valuable insight can save these companies thousands by helping to get the right product to market. Getting started in Paid Surveys is simple, and you only need reliable Internet access as well as time allocated to provide feedback to the surveys you take. As mentioned above everyone is an expert in their own right, and you will be providing valuable insights into market trends which will both enrich your income as well as providing a great way to learn more about the business world.

    Selecting the proper survey companies is a crucial element of starting your side career. While there are, quite literally, hundreds of market research firms from Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane to Perth, you can choose the absolute best fit for you when selecting on-line. Just as you’ll want to carefully review the survey opportunities available, it’s important to have a high level of commitment to the process, from the application to survey completion, as you’re more likely to earn a stronger supplemental income based on the quality of your feedback. In fact, the earnings potential for Survey participants are virtually unlimited, and depend entirely on your level of participation.

    Thousands of Australians have earned a strong primary or secondary income by participating in Online Survey programs, and now is a great time for you to start. With all of the uncertainty in today’s economy, market research is a stable opportunity to help you enrich your life and your wallet at the same time.